New CA Bullying Prevention Law a Bad Idea

shutterstock_66769273This week I taped a Perspective at KQED Radio about California’s new anti-bullying legislation, signed into law by Governor Brown just last week.¬† I think it goes too far in giving schools the authority to suspend and expel children as young as fourth grade for texting and social media posts that occur off school grounds.

 Here is a link to the audio and online version. Share your thoughts about this new law on my blog.




One thought on “New CA Bullying Prevention Law a Bad Idea

  1. What a rare voice! I’ve never heard public comments about this red herring read out with such confidence – and you even mentioned the word “evidence.” Outstanding!
    What troubles me is that I’ve never encountered your work before… and, like someone dying of thirst in the wilderness, I even look!

    Congratulations and thank you for bringing your grounded legitimacy to our latest moral panic on youth!

    ~Anthony Bernier,

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